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3 years ago

Git Integration Issue

Hello people, I have been getting this error for two days now.


"ERROR: Cannot invoke "com.smartbear.readyapi.integrations.vcs.git.auth.Credentials.getType()" because "<parameter1>" is null"


Any hints? I can't remember anything I did to "break" with integration. I can't "Push" either "Pull".


I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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    Hello Dimitris,

    I'm sorry you're running into this issue. Are you making your .git commands through the ReadyAPI UI via the Git Console or are you utilizing the command line outside of ReadyAPI? Do you get the error when attempting both methods? I've provided the documentation below that walks through multiple methods of updating git repositories.


    Let me know if any of this helps.



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      I making .git commands through the ReadyAPI UI and if I want pull or push changes, I'm getting error in loop in console:


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      I get the error even when the project loads and is getting auto-updated (it is not). Also, on Pull and Push. I had to delete the project locally and pull - clone the whole project.

      (Git commands via ReadyAPI)


      Thanks and regards,


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        Unfortunately I had to do the same (delete local and clone project again). Not an ideal solution but it worked nonetheless.


        Thanks for sharing.

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    Personally, I use a third-party tool (like tortoise) for managing all GIT operations.

    I used to suffer of lot of issues as the ones you mentioned.

    Now, I get a much better experience.

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      Yeah, I use it also, but unfortunately, it couldn't solve my problem.