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4 years ago

Git Integration and different users

Huhu 😃   I used to work alone on my project so I never had the problem before. Are some you working on one projects with more than person? How do you avoid to overwrite changes from other testers...
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    4 years ago
    Hey Cekay,

    ReadyAPI! supports creating project files in two formats:

    1 single flat .xml file
    Multiple unflattened files (known as a composite).

    You just alter the project type property to composite and ReadyAPI does the work for you. Because its a composite, this allows multiple users to update the same project simultaneously. You dont have to use Git integration to maintain the versioning of your composite project, but if you do, then Git will handle all the adds/commits/pushes/merges for you users simultaneous changes as well as handling any merge comflicts if your users simultaneous updates attempt to alter the same object in your project.

    Hope thie helps