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3 years ago

getTestStepsOfType and AMQPPublishTestStep

Hello Everyone,


i have in my code:

else if ( typeToExecute.equals("AMQP") ) {
soapuiRequests = testCaseExecuted.getTestStepsOfType(AMQPPublishTestStep);

but soapuiRequests = testCaseExecuted.getTestStepsOfType(AMQPPublishTestStep) is not correct, i need help for combinet getTestStepsOfType and AMQPPublishTestStep.

thanks for all

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    Carlos1__ ,

    normally should work:




    For some reason there are issues within Groovy to import the class com.smartbear.amqp.steps.AMQPPublishTestStep.


    As a workaround you could use:


    steps = tc.getTestStepList()

    steps.each {
    step = it
    if (step.class.getName().endsWith("AMQPPublishTestStep")) { it.getName()

    Anyway the plugin does not publish it's SDK as far as I know, so things may change in the future.


    Best regards,