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3 years ago

Functional test

Hi Team,


I imported the test suite but unable to see functional test in same.

is there any settings for functional test?

how I can see functional test?

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    Hey Atish,

    Can you clarify EXACTLY what you did so im sure i understand. You mention that you "imported the testsuite", but there isnt an "import" function available with testsuites. Did you mean the "clone" testsuite function? Sorry, im not being picky intentionally, i just need to understand exactly what you did before being able to advise on a fix.

    If you provide exact details like " put focus on testsuite object, rightclicked and selected....." etc. that would be perfect!

    Also what version of ReadyAPI are you using?


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      I imported a project 

      import project- slected XML 

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        Screen shot or short recording might help.
        Is it specific to a project or general?
        What version of the tool are you using?
        Is the project created in same version of the tool?
        Does it only happen on your computer? Also happens to your colleagues if any?