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4 years ago

Feature request - Warn readyapi users that their project is becoming too big

Problem - I have learned on these forums and experienced that ReadyAPI projects can take several minutes (~15 minutes) to load when they become "too big". They also make the UI very sluggish.

Impact - Projects load slowly, readyapi hangs during test execution and productivity is hampered. As a result, one might often kill task for readyapi which can potentially corrupt ReadyAPI or projects.

Solution - Make readyapi warn users that their project is becoming too big. Perhaps by checking project size whenever ReadyAPI loads a project.

PS - Unfortunately, most people don't read the docs/forums and many might not even get enough training. So, it is better to show this crucial limitation to users in ReadyAPI instead of keeping it buried in the forums or docs. The more frustrated people get, the more likely they are to blame the tool and explore other options instead of breaking down their projects.