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7 years ago

Failed to Save Project error has sarted appearing



After using SOAP 4.0.1 successfully for over a year, I have in the last week started receiving the following error when saving projects.  Failed to Save Project (Project name) Access is Denied.  I have read through the posts and all answers suggest it is related to backing up projects.  I never had back up activated and just confirmed, create back up is not selected in the UI settings.  I work in an organization where I do not have admin rights to my PC.  Please advise how to resolve this problem.  I have lost work as a result of it which I will need to recreate once the problem is resolved.  Thank you.

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    Are you using Open source edition? or Pro ?

    Do you have write access to the location where the project is being saved?
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    It sounds like you may have lost access to something on your PC that SoapUI is trying to write to. You may need to partner with your local IT department to have them help verify you have the required permissions on your local pc for ReadyAPI. 

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      Thank you.  This worked. While I didn't figure out the cause,  in the end I just created a new workspace and switched to that workspace which I can now write and save files to.