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11 years ago

[Escalated] Schema compliance assertion

I created a schema compliance assertion and it didn't work as I expected. I attached an archive file with 3 related files for your review. One is the response (response.xml). The other 2 are .wadl and .xsd files respectively. My schema compliance assertion was pointed to the .wadl file. As you can see from the response, it's missing a "listings" node. However, there is a listings node in the .xsd file. When I run the request, the assertion comes up as Valid, which is a surprise to me becuase clearly the response is missing a node. Did I miss anything?

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    There seems to be a number of issues really. The response is not valid since the namespace declaration does not match but changing it to the correct one in either the response or the schema shows the error you are suspecting namely that the first element of the sequence is missing.

    Can you try by changing the response namespace to "" instead of ""?
    If that solves it you can then put the hostname in a property and refer to that as needed across endpoints and validations.

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