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5 years ago

Error within dataloop stops the test though it is not required


I have a test case with the following basic options set:

- Search properties

- Fail Test Case on Error


I have a DataSource Loop and one of the steps I have between the source and the loop sometimes fail.

If I set a to track it, the test fails and stops => I don't understand this point as I didn't require the test to abort on failure

If I set only a log.error, the step fails, the test parses all the data but if the latest step is OK, the test is considered as sucessful, which is wrong.


I want the loop to be parsed completely regardless of failures so I can check which input data provokes a failure, but I also want to have a final status FAIL if one of the steps failed.


Is there any additional option that I shall handle to obtain this result ?


Thank you



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  • Hi krogold,


    Calling terminates a TestCase execution immediately that is expected behavior (this effect is mentioned here:


    As for the usage of log.error that results in an incorrect status of the whole test in some cases, we'll need to investigate this. Please create a support ticket for that: It'll be great if you provide a sample project that allows reproducing the issue. 

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      Ok, I though that it would depend on the configuration selected.

      So I will remove and I will require support for the final result that does not reflects reality