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3 years ago

ERROR: Network is unreachable: connect

Because I run lot of programs I set my laptop to standby and don't turn my laptop off when I go to office from home for example 

If I connect to another network I must close and re-open ReadyAPI otherwise I can't sent request and get: ERROR: Network is unreachable: connect


Is there a solution/setting to fix this or must I always  re-open ReadyAPI when I connect to another network?



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    Would you please check if closing of the project and and reopening would help instead of restarting the tool?
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      close project and open project doesn't work. I have also tried to reload but no difference.

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        Hey jsontester,

        Have you tried altering from https to http or http to https?

        Quite often i find when i get this socket exception its cos im using the wrong protocol