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11 years ago

Enhancing junit report generated by soapui


this is in connection to my post : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=17374&p=54311#p54311

Still haven't been able to add the attachments as a link in the report. However - i came across the "Junit attachment plugin" for jenkins - which might solve this.

Basically - this plugin requires a specific text to be part of console output or <system-out> tag in the report xml. Issue with soapui generated report xml is - the <system-out> tag is defined only at the report/suite level and not at the test-case level. It seems the latest junit spec (junit4.xsd) has this clearly defined. (along with <system-err> as well. I'm not sure if this is THE standard or not - ... unit-4.xsd

Currently, even if i extend the junit report - there is no way i can add a system-out at the test-case level. (ext-xmlbeans-1.2.jar shipped along with soapui has the xmlbeans for the report elems).

is it possible to have this enhancement ? Or - any other way to achieve this ? Thanks a lot !!