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2 years ago

Double iteration over data source

Hi, is there any option to iterate twice over data source? I use data source (data generator) to generate app instance names. When test case in finishing, i have last step to clean created instances, so I need generated instance names second time (second iteration over data generator). But when I try data source loop over my data generator second time, it uses only last value from data generator (pointer is set to the last value). Any ideas? gRPC testing

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  • I would have assumed that you could reference the same data source with a second data loop as well. It doesn't appear to be the case. I'll look into this a bit more. 

    In the meanwhile, alternative options that we could explore would be to have one data loop that implements the delete operations. The second would be to use a second data source. You could clone the original data source and create a second group that references the clone.