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2 years ago

Does ReadyAPI support multiple windows feature?

I'm using ReadyAPI for our company's QA testing projects.

We have lots of projects to load, unfortunately I can't load projects with multiple windows:


I means, I want to open ReadyAPI window 1 to load Project A , B , C, D ,E, then another window 2 to load Project F G H I J K, then another window 3 for Project L M N O P

But now it always load previous projects, that means I must open A to P at the same time and no choice to load part of them.

It's very slow to load all of them at the same time.

Actually Sometimes I need A to E, sometimes I need L to P, it's not convenience to remove them one by one and add them one by one each time.


Does ReadyAPI support multiple windows feature for that? Or will you support this feature soon?


Thanks a lot.


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    you can use multiple workspaces.


    Assign projects into workspaces as you need. Then you can open multiple ReadyAPI windows and open a different workspace in each of the windows.


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