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3 years ago

Does anyone have experience with JWT (Jason Web Tokens) and/or 2 factor Authentication using OTP

I'm trying to automate the end to end testing for open banking.  To do so I first need to create a URL using JWT authentication to log in onto a portal, enter the customer number and password, enter a one-time-password (OTP) received via email or mobile and give permission for my accounts to be accessed by other banks.  Then using an access token generated by the above process I "pretend to be another bank app" and call APIs to retrieve information about the accounts: balances, transactions etc.

I'm stuck... Security will not let me use gmail for OTP so I need to use a "virtual" mobile.  I'm looking into Twilio... As far as JWT authentication via readyAPI ...

I'm using ReadyAPI Ver 3.10.1

Any help would be really appreciated

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