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4 years ago

Disable Form Editor auto-insert

I have loaded a WSDL to send SOAP requests, and the schema I am using has a list of objects, each with multiple fields. Because of how our data-driven testing is setup, for some of these objects we store the entire section of XML in one single property (versus one xml field = one property)









If I accidentally leave the Form Editor open and start my tests, it "helpfully" adds required fields:



Which causes a WSDL validation error because those fields are duplicated (someField1 and someField2 and already included in $Object2Property).


Is there anyway to disable this behavior? It's not a critical issue or anything, it's just super annoying because I do use the Form Editor on occasion but I jsut forget to switch to a different Request Editor window before starting a bunch of tests, and this causes failures. And I need to re-edit the XML to remove these extra fields that have been added in.


I have "Remove Empty Content" set to true but that has not helped.

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