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3 years ago

Disable automatic resizing of request editors NOT WORKING!

I marked the "Disable automatic resizing of request editors" checkbox, but it is NOT WORKING.  It keeps resizing the editor, very frustrating.  Can you fix this bug asap?


Version that I am using now is 3.8.1 - just updated the version, hoping that it is the version that causes the issue, but it wasn't!

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      Thank you for your help. Community!


      JHK I found your ticket with support (00479882), please keep working with them to resolve the issue, looks like they are waiting for some data from you.

      When you get the final solution, it would be great if you could post it here, too, so that the community members facing the same issue would know what to do! Thank you.

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    You may contact Smartbear customer support to report the case and faster resolution / workaround.