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11 months ago

Digest Authentication with X-WWW-Authenticate



I recently started with ReadyAPI and I got it to work, that it automatically created all my tests I need, but the digest authentication does not want to work.

We are not using the standard http response header WWW-Authenticate, but X-WWW-Authenticate - is there a way to manually configure the tool so it makes the digest authentication with this?


thats how my current response looks like.

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    There can be different ways to achieve the same if you need to send the said http header for all the requests.

    One of them could be :

    1. set the project level property, say AUTH_HEADER and set the value as WWW-Authenticate

    2. set another property for the value appropriately

    And use custom events, SubmitListener.beforeSubmit and set the header and its value for each REST / SOAP request types (as needed) by reading the values from project properties.