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4 years ago

Difference between ReadyAPI and TestComplete

Hi, I am in the process of evaluating tools for a CI/CD setup. I have used TestComplete in the past. What is the main difference between the two? They both seem to be functional testing tools. How ...
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    4 years ago

    API testing is quite different to web based or UI based testing, here user see what they are doing where as API, they have to know or use API documentation in order to be able to test APIs.

    Also there will be interfaces / contract between service and client namely WSDL (for SOAP) and Swager / Open API Spect / WADL for (REST) using which client can know the operations / methods supported by the service.

    In short, no record option for API testing. Recording is limited to UI based applications.

    I am afraid, regarding UDP support while one can test http which is based on tcp.