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5 years ago

Decode base64 response to excel

Hi, I have a request that creates a file in the response and I want the file as excel. I can easily, in one line, do this using curl command.

curl --header "Content-Type: application/octet-stream"  http://ipAddress:port/export --output myFile.xlsx 

I thought it might also be easy to do the same in SoapUI. It is not for me. I have all the steps in Soapui. What I miss is decode the string I get in the response and save it as excel. The reponse looks like the screenshot I have attached. 
My request in soapui is somtihng like this; GET http://ipAddress:port/export , and I do not know where to define the 

'--output myFile.xlsx' in my Soap request.



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    5 years ago
    Please have some patience after posting the question. I don't think it would benefit in any way by opening multiple posts.

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