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8 years ago

datadriven test in ready api



i added datadriven test to my request .


In datasource step  i have given number of rows to iterate is 2.(but my excel consist of 10 rows)


but still it iterates  all 10 rows from excel when i do give 2 rows.


Please anyone can help me out this.


will be much apprecaited.




  • .thanks .


    i find the solution.


    we need to go datasource options amd then set the startrow and end row..


    please see acreenshot attached.

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    I'm not sure if you can limit the rows (I'm using version 1.7), it doesn't have anywhere in the options to specify this. Are you talking about when you check the data source config from within the DataSource Editor? I believe this is just for design time not run time.


    I may of missed something, can you post a screen shot of where you are setting this?

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      i am using versionl. 1.9.


      we do have to iterate rows in datasource step.



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        screenshot attached.