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9 years ago

Databases for Environments, JDBC Driver Connection String Templates

I'm seeing some *odd* things when attempting to add database connections to my project... Here are the details: Mac OS X ReadyAPI 1.7.0 Oracle 11g/12c databases OracleThin JDBC driver (located i...
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    9 years ago

    Using project level properties worked!  Thanks for the assitance!


    For reference, I removed all "Databases" from the project.  Below is an example of my JDBC Test Step:

    The connection string was cut off in the screenshot, so this is the full line:



    NOTE:  The "/" after the port number is what tells the driver to connect via a service name instead of the SID.


    Under environments, populate the values for each property with the environment specific value:

    I hope this helps someone in the future!