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3 years ago

Data Sink diff windows vs Jenkins (Linux)

Hi,  below screenshot of my data sink configuration.


Below result when I run test case on my computer (Windows)

"20211122_130947","mr52-accept-c04","0_BTSC-1134 NS OnlineMultipaxSparpreisAYS+4,6","HNMXKWP","PASS",""


Below result when the test case is executed from Jenkins (Linux):

"20211124_164123,""mr53-accept-c01"",""0_BTSC-1134 NS OnlineMultipaxSparpreisAYS+4,6"",""GVKNKLW"",""PASS"",""""";


As you can see it  has a different lay-out. The first I can import properly into Excel. The second is 1 column in Excel. Please advice how to get same result in Windows and Jenkins.


Thanks in advance!

  • This issue was not ReadyAPI related 😊