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5 years ago

Custom profile for Ready API or open source SOAP UI - make them use different workspaces.

ReadyApi and free SoapUi share the same profile file (%USERPROFILE%\soapui-settings.xml). So I often accidentally upgrade the Soap UI script created by my colleagues who don't have ReadyApi when I forget to switch workspace before closing SoapUi and openning my ReadyApi.

Is there a way to make one of the apps use different profile?


(Same problem as in , but the accepted solution doesn't work.)


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    Hi mhRandom


    As you said, ReadyAPI and SoapUI open-source uses the same soapui-settings.xml file where the workspace is defined. So, there is no way to make them use different workspaces.

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      Hello Nastya,

      I see. (I've tried to edit .vmoptions but it didn't help.)


      Isn't there at least a command line option to open specific workspace? (Again, simply trying as a single argument for the soapui.exe nor soapui.bat didn't work).