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7 years ago

Create Datasource columns and values via groovy

I am trying to copy contents from a datasource/datasink of one testcase to a brand new grid datasource in another testcase.


Following is the scenario:

I am testing 2 features - Login and FunctionX using 2 testcases.

Login testcase (LoginTC) has 2 inputs (username and password) that I am storing  in datasource (USERS). There are about 100 entries in USERS. After login webrequest is called, I store the authentication token along with username in a datasink (DS) in the testcase.

My next testcase for FunctionX (XTC) takes 2 inputs (username and authentication token) stored in a datasource (AuthedUsers). 


Is there a way in groovy by which I can copy contents from datasink DS of LoginTC to datasource AuthedUsers in XTC ?

NOTE: I am using the SoapUI NG Pro.



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