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3 years ago

Could not receive messages from Kafka

Hi guys,

I'm currently use ReadyAPI 3.10.1, an I'm catching this type of issue.

I created the Kafka API connection, I was able to subscribe to one topic, but I receive no messages.

In received data panel I got the message:"Already subscribed to this topic".

In attachment snapshot situation.


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  • Usually when I receive this message("Already subscribed to this topic"), it is because in some other command line tool(Command prompt, PowerShell, etc.), I have a kafka or kafkacat command invoked that is referencing the same kafka topic. ReadyAPI does not seem to like the same topic being consumed more than once. My recommendation would be to kill the other command consuming the same topic and then try again. If this does not work, worse case, I've had to kill the command and restart ReadyAPI.