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7 years ago

Correct test Case execution gives a 'Failed' status

Hello,   I have a strange problem with testCase execution. I have a test case with the following structure: Setup script:   set session_id = 0   set session_index = 0   store custom properties...
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    7 years ago

    Finally I found a workaround for this problem:

    I checked the results and found out that some of my test steps where considered as failed in testRunner.results. I set the following bit of code in my teardown script tab


    for (testStep in testRunner.getResults()){ "status " + testStep.getTestStep().getName() + " : " + testStep.getStatus()

    These steps were the ones on which I was looping, waiting for the status different from 'pending'. At the end of the test, as the status was finally 'success' the step was set as OK in the testCase (green-flagged), even if several occurrences of the testStep were 'failed'

    So I found I could update those status doing the following for the concerned steps:

    for (results in testRunner.results){
    // selection condition
    results.status = "OK"

    I just have to make sure I apply this only on the concerned testSteps.


    But at the end the overall status is still FAILED, still in my teardown script: "TEST RUNNER STATUS after update" + testRunner.getStatus()

    If I'm sure of my steps and result, I can overwrite it as follows:

    testRunner.status = "FINISHED" "TEST RUNNER STATUS after update" + testRunner.getStatus

    And my overall test is ok (green bar)

    I know it's a bit tricky, but as long as I set the proper conditions to update those parameters, I'm sure not to hide real failures.