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2 years ago

Converting Ready API collections to Postman

Hi, I'm getting Format not recognised message when I try to import Ready API collections to Postman. Wondering if there is a way to convert Ready API collection compatible with Postman. Appreciate you help.



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    there is no easy way to import ReadyAPI projects into Postman.

    For multiple reasons:

    • ReadyAPI has many functions which Postman does not support (see the list of ReadyAPI test steps, for instance)
    • There are different approaches; while ReadyAPI provides built-in functions, in Postman, you need to write Javascript code
    • ReadyAPI format changes with new updates (needs to support new functions), so the tool would need to keep up with the ReadyAPI pace

    If you are strong in Groovy scripting and ReadyAPI object model, and your test cases share similar patterns, you can do the conversion by scripting, but it's not a task for a couple of hours. This can pay off if you have hundreds or thousands of tests. Though, this is a rather one-off task since ReadyAPI will continue in format changes.

    Secondly, you can convert the tests manually, one by one, and reimplement in Postman. A tedious task, but the one who does that will become a Postman expert.

    In the future, such tasks will be accomplished by AI, but API testing will also look differently then.