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13 years ago

Continue Assertions in Groovy Step when one assertion fails

We are using SoapUI Pro with Test Cases where we write assertions inside Groovy Steps.

Test Step: Groovy Script Step

//Assertion 1
def ProductOfferingCode = context.expand(...something...)
assert ProductOfferingCode == 'something'

//Assertion 2
def productOfferingSource = context.expand(...something...)
assert productOfferingSource == 'something'

//Assertion 3
def isSubscription = context.expand(...something...)
assert isSubscription == 'something'

When Assertion 1 fails, SoapUI Pro will "Exit" the Groovy Step, and go to next step in Test Case.

How can I force SoapUI to continue with Assertion 2 and Assertion 3, even when Assertion 1 fails.

Also, I already know about the "Abort on Error" option, which continues to the next step when one step fails. But what I need is to continue with other assertions in the same Groovy step.

Jatin Kumar

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    in groovy
    assert ProductOfferingCode == 'something' throws AssertionException so the flow of the script ends there.

    Here is the simple tweak

    def assertionList = []
    //Assertion 1
    def ProductOfferingCode = context.expand(...something...)
    ProductOfferingCode == 'something' ? "Assertion1 pass" : assertionList.add("Assertion1 fails")

    //Assertion 2
    def productOfferingSource = context.expand(...something...)
    productOfferingSource == 'something' ? "Assertion2 pass" : assertionList.add("Assertion2 fails")

    //Assertion 3
    def isSubscription = context.expand(...something...)
    isSubscription == 'something' ? "Assertion3 pass" : assertionList.add("Assertion3 fails")

    assert assertionList.isEmpty() : assertionList.toString()

    So you can add which assertions failed and if there is something in assertionList it means that somethig failed.

    Hope this helps

    SmartBEar Software
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      It is not working for me , Got compilation error

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      Once again thank you so much nmrao :smileyhappy:

      Your comments solved my problem,

      def error = []
      if (jsonid != dbid) {error.add("jsonid : $jsonid is not equal to dbid: $dbid")}
      if (jsonname != dbname) {error.add("jsonname : $jsonname is not equal to dbname: $dbname")}
      assert error.size() == 0," $error " 
      if(error.size() == 0){ "Script Passed" }