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5 months ago

Connecting ReadyAPI! to nonstandard GitLab domain


I started a new contract told the company that ReadyAPI!'s the way forward extolling the virtues of ReadyAPI! one of them being it's native Git integration, but I'm unable to configure a GitLab connection.

Due to the security within the domain, we can't use SSH, or client certs, we have to connect via HTTPS along with 2FA to login (I'm just adding this for info - this isn't the cause of my problem)

However - when I try and configure the GitLab connection in ReadyAPI!, within the Preferences, I click on the 'Connect' button adjacent to GitLab (within the Git Preferences), this launches the GitLab login page within a ReadyAPI window entitled GitLab Authorization (see next embedded image)

Now - I'm guessing here because I can't actually see the URL of the page I'm trying to login to because the page is embedded within a ReadyAPI window, but I'm guessing the full URL is of the page I'm being presented with is the standard GitLab login page -->

HOWEVER - my company has it's own GitLab domain - hence the reason I think I'm getting invalid username or password error when I try and login via the ReadyAPI's GitLab Authorization window. 

My companies GitLab domain is like https://<gitlab_company_domain>/users/sign_in

I can't seem to find a way to repoint this GitLab login page domain from to what I need https://<gitlab_company_domain>/

Does anyone know how I can sort this out please?

As always I appreciate all and any advice! ;)



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      Hey nmrao 

      thanks man  - it did help - cos it reminded me, I'm an idiot. 

      I've JUST realised that there isn't actually a remote GitLab repo I'm trying to connect to - all the code I'm testing is currently maintained in GitLab, but I'm creating new ReadyAPI! projects - so there's no remote repo in GitLab to connect to yet. 

      I need to create the repo locally and then push it up to GitLab

      nice one!