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5 years ago

Connect to Network Path with Windows security using Groovy Scripting

Hi ,  I have the below  API Response which contains a Key : Attachment Path. I am trying to verify using Groovy Script Test Step if the file exists on that Path or not. The thing is when i try to...
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    5 years ago

    Hi ashutosh 


    i can't help with the ReadyAPI!/SoapUI/Groovy option - but i was wondering about whether you'd accept a workaround?


    Your User Account Control is enabled and this is what's hindering the file Open windows dialogue being generated.  Could you not disable the UAC?  (depends if you have local admin rights or if Policy is forcing it enabled)


    If you can't disable the UAC and the issue is that you lose the drive mapping after restarting your machine - could you not create a login script to automatically map the drive on startup? i.e. create a .bat file (using net use command to map the drive) and stick the .bat file in one of the many startup folders/registry settings.


    it's real simple - the following link tells you how to do it - link


    Just an option....