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3 years ago

Congratulations on New Year and Christmas

Hello, Dear ReadyAPI users!


On behalf of ReadyAPI/SoapUI Dev & QA teams I want to say you in personal Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Many thanks for your interest in our products and all contributions made into SoapUI project. Short summary of the year looks very promising: ReadyAPI had 12 releases and one release of SoapUI, but early next year we have prepared a new release for you. It has got huge amount of updates and changes (GraphQL, Docker, improvements in SwaggerHub support, bunch of fixes and so on). Speaking of ReadyAPI, it eventually has got Dark theme support and initial implementation of gRPC and Kafka support. We will be much appreciated for your feedback. Please don't hesitate to tell us what you want to see in our products. We are leaving on New Year holidays, see you next year.


Have a great 2022 year!


SoapUI/ReadyAPI team