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6 years ago

Conditional Service Virtualization

Hi Team

I am currently working on API automation engineer and come across the specific scenario where I need to change the value of a service (public API) on the fly.


businessname and address tag value should be replaced by user-defined values, but other tags value should be as it is.

Do you think this can be achievable by serviceV pro(data-driven service virtualization)?

Do let me know in case of more detail.



Pranoy Prabhakar

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    Hi Pranoy,


    Did I get you correctly that there is a live service (in the production). This service is requested and you need to replace certain attributes in the response?

    If the above is correct, then I would consider setting some proxy (e.g. Fiddler), create a script code in it that will analyse responses and do required replacements where needed and use this proxy during testing.