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4 years ago

Conditional GoTo: how does it work?


I was looking into the Conditional GoTo step but it doesn't seem to work for me.


I set up a virtual service to get a response.

First request is a HappyFlow that recieves this:



   "userId" : "3fa85Ki45Eue74562BaFc2c963Zw6afa6",
   "personNumber" : 123456789858,
   "firstName" : "Maria",
   "lastName" : "Peeters",
   "emailAddress" : "",
   "creationDate" : "2020-01-15T00:00:00.000Z",
   "isPreferredNotary" : true,
   "vaultId" : "5Ez9PKi---------w6afa6"



I've put a GoTo after this request that states that if the value of the personNumber is present and correct, it will go to the next REST Request. 

The next request is a request that should check if the personnumber is not there. This step works.

When I test the GoTo step I'm getting this message:




Although the number is present! (teststep is green)

I guess the notation is wrong?

How can I get the testcase to stop if the condition is not met? Thus, not executing the "bad request"?

If I would be able to do so, will the testcase run be red then?


Thanks in advance,




  • Have you referred any documentation which is confusing regarding goto?


    Here is how it works:

    User have to define what to do if condition is passed and otherwise.


    In the below case, two conditions defined and two target steps are configured where to go when particular condition is satisfied.


    Test executed twice

    - first time found no_matching so again executed the request step

    - second time, condition is evaluated to true, proceeded following step to Conditional Goto as you see in the below screen shot.

    NOTE that for each condition, the target step is different based on what user like to do.

    Hope this helps!


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    The xpath expression result should be boolean.

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      Hi Rao,


      Thanks for your quick response. I found how to do so but the teststep still continues to the next one when boolean is false. How can I make it stop at the GoTo please?

      The testcase option is set to 'abort test if an error occurs'



      The conditional 'GoTo' expression has been changed to this:


      declare namespace ns1='http://localhost/diXXXXXXlt/client/v0/vault-owner/123456789';



      I'm getting response "No condition true for current response in [HappyFlow] but it still runs the Bad Request.



      What can I do to make it stop and fail the testcase please?


      Kind regards,


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        it's even a wierd thing. If I choose the right NRN in the GoTo I get "Missing matching condition, moving on".

        I think I don't grasp that GoTo thing.

        Anastasia nmrao Himansu could anybody explain that to me please?


        Thanks in advance,