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8 years ago

Compare against baseline


I've used the baseline compare feature in SoapUI NG previously to compare the run of a test suite before a change is promoted and after a change is promoted.  It's a great feature.  In my latest task, the development team (for technical reasons) had to take a service, re-name it and give it a new endpoint.  In the process of doing this they did have to make code changes but functionally it's exactly the same service.   I'm looking for how I can utilize the baseline compare feature to run my test suite under the old service and a cloned version of the test suite on the new service and compare outputs?  Everything in theory should end up being identical in the output, I'm just not sure if the tool can do this or if it can how I can set it up.




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    Unfortunately, you can only compare the same test directly. If a test is cloned, you wouldn't be able to compare the copies to one another. I might suggest exporting your test results and comparing them externally.