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3 years ago

Community Structure Update - "ReadyAPI Questions"

Hi ReadyAPI Community,


As you might have noticed, some things changed in the Community structure recently. In this update, we’d like to give an overview of what was improved.


We used to have three forum boards covering three aspects of the ReadyAPI tool. These three boards were merged into one – we carefully moved each post and now we have a single place for starting discussions around the product - ReadyAPI Questions:


 This makes the Community experience much more straightforward - all questions are located in one place now.



Two things we’d like to draw your attention to:


    - Make sure to re-subscribe to the ReadyAPI Questions board to get notified of all new threads started there.



    - Please use labels to categorize the topics you create. They can be found on the topic creation page.





Let us know what you think about the new changes! 

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