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6 years ago

change child resource path without changing Parent?

Hi. I want to change the path of a child resource, without changing its parent. I've tried editing the path in 'Resource Viewer' but it was changing the parent' path also. Scenario: I have a REST P...
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    I don't know if this helps - but I had a possibly 'similar' problem earlier in the week - we have different problems - but I think my workaround would solve your problem.


    I had a single REST Service (

    I had 2 resources (same path of '/permissionupdates/{filename}') created, both with PUT methods but with different URI parameters (there were 14x URI, Template & Header parameters on each, the 2nd method had slightly different URI parms to the 1st method's parms.


    When I tried creating the 2 step requests in TestCase in the SoapUI tab - the parameters on the 2nd request were actually the parameters from the first request - I was pulling my hair out - I can't edit the parameter types of names - only the values in the SoapUI tab.  

    If I tried creating the 2nd PUT as a child of the existing REST service or a child of the existing resource - the same dodgy parameter behaviour occurred.


    I understand this is different to your scenario - but I think the workaround I did, would resolve your problem.


    The ONLY way around this I found was to actually create a New REST Service for each method/request - I understand that's not desirable - but this was the only way around this that I found.  That I would suggest is a way around your problem.


    So - you have 6 requests spread across 3 methods (GET, PUT and POST) - if you create a new service for each request that I think would allow you to specify different resources for your 6 requests.