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3 years ago

Can you setup >1 proxy for a request simultaneously?

Hey! Anyway, i was trying to answer another post and it dawned on me that i dont know if you can setup >1 proxies.for a single request at the same time. For example. Say your request needs to b...
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    3 years ago

    Hey richie. I've asked around, and it does not appear to be possible to configure ReadyAPI to use two proxies at the same time. As a workaround, would it be possible to configure Fiddler as a gateway in your setup? So ReadyAPI would send all requests to Fiddler, which in turn chains the request to the upstream proxy? That way you'd have both Fiddler and the proxy running as part of your workflow. I'm not a Fiddler expert, but from a look at their documentation it seems like this would be possible. Let me know if you think this might work!