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6 years ago

Can we run multiple Interface/Service/wsdl on the same port in virtS?

Hi Team, 

I am new to Service Virtualization/Virtual Server, I am currently facing a challenge in running the Interface in virtS. Could you please help me on the below,

  1. I have 100+ wsdl/Interface which is already developed/Stubbed.
  2. I have 2 VirtServer license.
  3. I tried  creating  individual projects for all the 100+ Interface with different port number (but it did not work).
  4. I tried creating a project and added the New virtual service to the existing project keeping the same port number  (but it did not work).
  5. Now I need to run all the 100+ Interface in a single port. Is it achivable? and what are the steps to be taken to run all the interface on a single port ?
  6. All ther Interface/Service will have 1 to many Operations. 
  7. All the Interface will have a unique Endpoint, is it achivable by 2 Virts with same port number.



Senthil kumar. M