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6 years ago

Can some one please explain why my assertion is failing


As on the image ActualschoolList and ExpectedchoolList are same.(you can see it as a log )

But when I try to assert it its giving me an error.

How to fix this.

Both variables are having somthing similar to this "[]"


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    I think it is because you variable "ActualschoolList" is an empty Groovy List object, but your variable "ExpectedchoolList" is the literal string "[]" these are two different things, thus the assertion fails. If you are expecting an emty list, try defining "ExpectedchoolList" as follows:


    def ExpectedchoolList = []

    See the following page for more info on working with lists:

  • Hi chathurad,


    Instead of doing [] == [], match the size if you don't want to assert on the items inside your List.


    try using 


    assert (actualList.size() == expectedList.size()) : "Size not equal"

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    Himanshu Tayal