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9 years ago

Can I use the license for jenkins, which is license using on my computer

I have a license , which I install on personal computer for development soapui script.

Now, I need run the script on jenkins server, which is on server. (on server, we just run soapui script only, we don't need code)

Can I use the license on jenkins server?



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    Just to add to what Tanya mentioned, you could do that if you have single user floating license, but not the single user fixed license.
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      How much money do I save when buying a floating license  for 2 users  compare with  buying 2 user fixed licenses ?

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        I think that answer would depend on how you plan to use the licenses in the future.  If you have mostly full time users, the most cost effective would be the fixed license model.  If you have more users, with someone being part-time or contracted, where they come and go, the floating license model becomes a better fit since they allow the flexibility to be used when needed.  What we have seen with some customers is they will often by a mix of fixed and floating, depending how their teams are constructed.  I would definitely encourage a discussion with either your Territory Manager or Customer Success Advisor to discuss in more detail.  This will help us determine the best solution for you!