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9 years ago

call to jms fails after upgrade

I upgraded to 1.5 yesterday and now some tests are not running. Specifically, any tests that include a call to JMS is failing.   In the ready-api-errors.log file I get this:   2015-11-12 11:32:06...
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    9 years ago


    I selected the "install in the current directory" (ReadyAPI-1.4.1) instead of "install in a new directory" (ReadyAPI-1.5.0), so the path to hermes is correct. I'm wondering if I would have had the problem if I had chosen a the new path instead.


    FYI, I uninstalled the upgrade and went back to 1.4.1 and I'm not having the problem anymore. If/when I upgrade to 1.5, I will  choose the install in a new directory option.