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4 years ago

Bulk editing tests and requests

I have a large test suite which needs to update in relation to the application api test data. I'd like to bulk edit (find and replace type edit) where a particular test case has a given string in nam...
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    4 years ago

    If it is a composite project, you could save it back to a standard/normal monolithic (.xml) project (switching project type composite to false in project properties).  Once back into a single file project, do your xml changes in a text/xml editor and verify that it works after your changes.  Once satisfied, save back as a composite project.


    I have used this technique often.  As you identify patterns in the project, it gets easier to manipulate the project outside of ReadyAPI in your editor.  Here is a fun task... Create a ReadyAPI project (really just a single groovy test step) that creates, reads, updates and writes ReadyAPI projects.