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11 years ago

Browser Emulation?

from what I've read, this product has a lot of promise.
However, I haven't been able to derive what sort of browser or traffic generator LoadUI leverages.

To make it more clear - Loadrunner uses a hacked up IE7 engine, but it doesn't really _emulate_ a browser. If there are AJAX calls generated by a webpage, you have to hand-code their submission.

Does this product use something else under the hood to submit this type of traffic, or will we need to use the same practices as with Loadrunner to fully load our pages?

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  • When it comes to LoadUI, then under the hood it depends on what component you are using to generate load:

    Webrunner: http-client
    Gebrunner: Whatever geb-script you provide
    SoapUI-Runner: the SoapUI engine

    You could probably loadtest the functionality of your Ajax-applications using Geb-runner inside LoadUI.
    LoadUI is, however, built primarily for loadtesting API's.
    If you want a product more adapted to web-testing, you can checkout our partner product, [url]WebLoadUI[/url]

    Best regards,
    The LoadUI Team