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7 months ago

Broken links in test results HTML generated by testrunner.bat

There are broken links in the HTML test results generated by testrunner.bat


In Windows, using ReadyAPI version 3.48


How to reproduce:
1 - Create a project that has a period in its name (e.g. Project1.0)
2 - Run the tests through the commandline, using testrunner.bat with the flags -A -r -j -I -f <output file> "-RJUnit-Style HTML Report" -FXML <project file>
3 - Open the index.html on a browser


There are broken links in the HTML (they can also be seen directly in the "frame" html files that have been generated in the test results output directory). The reason they are broken is that the period "." character in the project name (and corresponding directory now created in the test results directory) has been replaced with a "/".