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4 years ago

Automate oauth 2.0 token retrieval


Hi All,

My application uses oauth 2.0 authorization for generating access token for "New User".

In manual process, i do the following steps.

Click on Get Access Token

Enter oauth 2.0 Flow: Authorization Code Grant

Enter client Id

Enter client secret

Enter authorization url

Enter access token url

Enter redirect url and 

Click on Get Access Token button.

New popup opens and i have to click on signup button to enter username, password and click signup.

Once done, token is generated.


How can this be achieved through automation process


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    Hey SathiyaR 


    every so often someone else posts this question


    have a look at this link


    also if you search the forum for "automating OAuth" or "automating OAuth token retrieval" or similar strings you should be able to find what you need.


    I never got it to work myself, but that was cos I was working on a customised bodge of OAuth - so the way I automated it was to replicate the back and forth that occurs within OAuth to generate the tokens - that was a bit of a nightmare so I don't recommend it, although I did get there in the end





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      Hi richie ,


      I have already went through the link[which you have suggested] and it doesn't help in my case. The example is for handling the sign in process, whereas my case i wanted to signup as new user every time.