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6 years ago

Authorization when working with multiple environments



I have a project with multiple environments. Some requests require authentication and in order for them to work I have to add an authentication type to all environments by hand.


So for instance if I add a request then I have to set an Authorization profile for Env1, then set the Authorization profile for Env2 and so on... Is there another way to do this?

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    You can do it in different ways. 

    1. You can read a csv file with the different autentication variables via groovyscript

    2. You can write a groovyscript with a switch statement with the different environments and declare the different authentication variables there.


    If you can show me your project, i can help you with the groovy script cause I am automating tests all day.

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      Hey tomovermeers,


      Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatelly I want to use out of the box things as much as possible. I can groovy script things but this will only make it more complicated for people who will follow to take my position as testers. :smileysad: