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6 years ago

Auth Manager->Profile->Automation Scripts in 2.6 errors out

I have a lot of authentication profiles that use the automation tab to retreive tokens from a website.  However, when upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6 of ReadyAPI my tests constantly fail this step at random and hang the entire test run.


Here is some example javascript I use to get my token.  It has worked 100% of the time without fail in 2.5 and continues to work when even now with 2.5.  However, with 2.6 the same exact code around 50% of the time results in a hang or an error page saying they can't display the page.


document.getElementsByName("username")[0].value = 'someusername';
document.getElementsByName("password")[0].value = 'somepassword';


Anyone else having similar issues?  We really wanted to use the new git functionality but will have to stay at 2.5 until this is resolved.

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      We have noticed the same issue with "Basic" Authentication as well as  Auth Manager profiles with the 2.6.0 Release. Using the 2.5.0 release work we do not have connectivity issues, but with 2.6.0, we have connectivity / timeout issues.