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6 years ago

Are there any alternatives for the JUnit-Stype HTML reports?

Are there any alternatives for the JUnit-Stype HTML reports? Is there a plugin or something for a better look and feel?

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    Hi Lucian,


    Currently, ReadyAPI provides three report styles:

    1. Printable reports – You can print these reports or save them in the PDF, HTML, RTF, or some other file format. You can also fully customize them on both global and project levels to create any kind of reports you may need. To familiarize yourself with these reports, see a tutorial.

    2. JUnit-Style HTML reports – Use them to get a simple overview of functional test results in the HTML format. For more information, see JUnit-Style HTML reports.

      Note: These reports are not available at the load test level.

    3. Data export reports for automation – These reports can export the underlying report data to an XML or CSV file. You can then use that data in other tools and utilities for customization or integration purposes. For more information, see Data Export For Automation.