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4 years ago

API Works on Postman- Imported Request to Ready API Doesnt work

Hi  My API woks in Postman it is a simple get request, under authorization tab passing in credentials [username & password] and default headers -  In Readyapi imported the collection through the in...
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    4 years ago

    This is how we solved the issue. the request which we are passing through is going through Akamai gateway. 

    The Akamai has allowed the request coming from Postman as valid request, while the same request content when requested from Ready API - here Akamai flagged it as an Anomaly library [chat bot] and blocked the request which is making it to fail. 


    Resolution : The team has proposed adding an user-agent header in the preferences setting under http and that did the trick


    Please mark it as an solution once validated - happy to learn and contribute back!!