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5 years ago

API Masterminds Talks – What are the best practices of working remotely?

Hi everyone!


Here’s a new topic for discussion for our API Masterminds event – working from home. This is a burning question for millions of people all over the globe.

Share your thoughts and opinions on how to work from home successfully!


I’ll start by sharing a bit of my own experience:

What I’ve learned about working remotely is however tempting it may be to get out of bed and go straight to your PC, it is way better to actually carry on with your morning routine: wake up early, cook wholesome breakfast, workout. Otherwise you will feel lazy, sleepy and not productive for the rest of the day.


What are your tips to make working remotely as efficient as possible?

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  • sonya_m  : Thank you for sharing your tip on how we can be more productive while working from home,


    because of COVID-19 lot of companies globally are providing work from home to their employees to minimise the risk of infection. Hope we will get lot of thoughts on this so that we can improve our efficiency.


    Below is mine on how to improve efficiency while working from home:


    Most important : I start my work as of regular working hours while at office


    1. I start my work by planning what i have in my bucket to complete,

    2. As a daily task, me and all my team members do scrum meeting

    3. I just say no to social media and try not to login into FB, Insta etc.

    4. Important one, I identified a place and work their only, as that is my office with chair and table and charging point.


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    I was away for sometime because of my work schedule. Here, is my way of working from home.


    The best practice is being honest with your work and passion. If you are really honest, you would definately find out the best way to complete the assignmments from client and the company. 


    Since, I work as a single resource for my client, I have to be very active and productive in terms of the work and the assignments. A cup of strong coffee or the green tea is a must after every gap you take while working. :D


    Always think about the people who don't get this opportunity to work from home. This will compel you to work work and work. :)

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    Yes, absolutely agree that.

    Earlier WFH is not new to the west. But even there are companies allowing to work from home here in India on the need basis.

    From starting this week, most of the organizations those who even use Desktops allowing their employees to work from home in the wake of Novel Corona for their safety. But of course, employees have to fulfill their work commitments.

    - Ensuring no distractions
    - Divide work into small chunks and complete them
    - Have fun

    And there are few natural elements which are not in our control during this such as Power cuts, instability of internet service. One needs to mitigate these if facing these issues.