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4 years ago

An error occurred [Your InputStream was neither an OLE2 stream, nor an OOXML stream]

I downloaded an attachment from an URL using groovy script . An attachment is in .xlsx format.
But while reading that .xlsx file it is throwing below error:


Your InputStream was neither an OLE2 stream, nor an OOXML stream] 


So I tried to read raw response as per suggestions using below snippet:


    def DownloadLink=""
    def snowuserauth="Basic"
    def userCredentials2="${username}:${passwd}"
ā€‹    def httpConn =  new URL(DownloadLink).openConnection() as HttpURLConnection
    basicAuth1 = "${snowuserauth} " + new String(new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(userCredentials2.getBytes()));
    println("*** encoded1 "+basicAuth1);
    httpConn.setRequestProperty ("Authorization", basicAuth1);
    int BUFFER_SIZE = 4096;
    int responseCode1 = httpConn.getResponseCode();
    *def rawResponse = context.httpResponse.getRawResponseBody();
    InputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(rawResponse);


But then it is giving me below error:


{returnCode=1, errorStream={returnCode=-1000, errorStream=Exeception while executing script: [{}]java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'httpResponse' on null object}}


Please suggest on this.